TriFinance adds legal and regulatory electronic signature to compliance database

Summery of the latest press release

TriFinance has supplemented its database of worldwide laws and regulations for electronic invoicing in more than one hundred countries – Electronic Invoicing Global – with all the rules for the electronic signature for E-invoicing. For users, it is a welcome addition to the information around existing archiving requirements and notification messages for new laws and regulations in the field of E-invoicing worldwide.

Legislation and regulations in the field of E-invoicing are a worldwide maze. That is why TriFinance operates a database in which the requirements of governments worldwide are bundled and structured in a clear manner. You can find for each country exactly what you have to comply with and how you can comply with what has been imposed.

This information is constantly updated and more data is added all the time. The latest addition concerns the E-signature. There are answers to questions such as: is the E-signature mandatory or not? How do you apply them in each country? What code, what data should the digital signature contain?

The E-signature adds a digital code to an online document, which proves its authenticity. The electronic signature identifies the signer in a reliable way. In countries with a clearance model, where the invoice first goes to the tax authorities, E-signature is common. In countries without an E-signature requirement, companies use the electronic signature to verify that the file comes from their trusted supplier or customer.

More than seventy countries have some form of E-signature, mandatory or not.

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