Electronic Invoicing Global Origin Story

How it all began

By David Busby - Expert Manager at TriFinance

In early 2019, a new client of ours came to us with an urgent question: “What’s going on around the world when it comes to e-invoicing?” It sounds like a huge topic, but it was also a highly relevant one coming from someone working at a global organisation with a presence in over 70 countries in 4 different continents.

To answer that question, we pooled our years of experience in e-invoicing to create an online database, easily accessible, easy to use and with a consistent structure for each country. This solution explained to the client exactly what was happening in all of their 70+ countries. We also developed a roadmap based not only on external information but also integrating internal information to help the client prioritise which steps to take next.

Electronic Invoicing Global was born in 2020.

We were so fascinated by the results that we decided to build a new, more robust platform. We partnered with a creative web developer to expand the number of database entries to include items like tax authority status and XML downloadable files. Soon, we also increased the number of countries in the database from 70 to all 186 countries that exist in the world.

Today, we serve multiple Fortune 500 organisations with this knowledge base. It allows us to answer nearly any question they have on topics related to e-invoicing and compliance. The organisations we serve rely on our platform and can determine themselves whether they need to take action in certain regions. With the help of our notification system, which enables you to track changes in specific countries, you receive the latest updates, right in your inbox, including a direct link to the country page. Now, you never miss an update, so you’re always on top of your game.

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