TriFinance Guides Belgian Transport Firm to E-Invoicing

Case study E-invoicing in Europe
E-invoicing is a hot topic for businesses. European laws and regulations are changing. In the near future, legislation requiring e-invoicing will go into effect in Denmark, France, Poland and Spain. Our client, an international transport company in Belgium, talked to e-invoicing expert Nick van den Berg about which route to take when e-invoicing is your final destination.
Electronic Invoicing Global
The international transport company wanted an overview of upcoming laws and regulations to help them adjust the invoicing policies at all their business units. Because their business units are spread out across seven countries, it takes careful planning to ensure the right invoicing formats are in place to comply with local law. In 2019, the company had already updated its invoicing to comply with Italian legislation. This turned out to be a lengthy process, because the company was working with a software supplier that was unable to meet its requirements.
Nick created a clear overview, which clearly identified all applicable laws and regulations, thanks to Electronic Invoicing Global. Based on this timetable, the company created an up-to-date implementation schedule for each business unit. Under the new plan, the implementation date in France for mandatory e-invoicing depends on the business unit’s turnover. Since this transport company falls into the middle turnover group, it has until 2025 to switch to e-invoicing, while other companies must already become compliant by the summer of 2024.
We also examined the needs of the transport company’s customers and found that some of them prefer to receive invoices via their own portals such as Coupa, Ariba and Tungsten. TriFinance took this requirement into account to ensure that manually entering invoices into a portal would no longer be needed under the new provider. 

Final result
At the end of this project, we provided our client with a report and a pragmatic roadmap to help them navigate all the regulatory changes with total peace of mind. The company was also interested in partnering with a invoicing new software vendor, so Nick shortlisted five e-invoicing suppliers that were more aligned with the company’s needs. In compiling his list, Nick looked specifically for vendors that could offer an e-invoicing solution across all countries and link to all customer channels

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